A sample of a rental studio we've used in China for a video shoot. Have a similar photo of video shoot arranged in China by China Professional Video team.

Panorama view of a studio in Shanghai during a video shoot.

Video shoot services we offer in China

Your Shenzhen, Hong Kong filmmaker and team await!

Basic Corporate Video (1 – 2 minutes)

Package includes: 

  • Shooting within one day and one location
  • Interviews (1 – 3)
  • General footage of your production, office, etc.
  • Two revisions
  • Limited free music
  • Your logo intro/outro  

Result: One completed, final video

You will get a compact feel-good company profile video representing your business, maximum two minutes in length. Great for introducing your business and to be used online or as a welcome video in an event. 

Add voiceover, subtitles and licensed music!
Professional narration, subtitles in one or two languages—English, Chinese and Finnish for example—and licensed music will enhance your video, but also add to post-production time and additional expenses. However, these additional modules also have a positive effect on the marketability of your business.   

Corporate Event Video

No matter how small or big your China event is, we’ll capture it. We’ll dress up appropriately as the event requires, and deliver a video that every guest will enjoy watching afterwards. Need a photographer in Shenzhen or Hong Kong as well? We’ve got one.  

Panel Discussion Video

A team discussion is a great tool for expanding internal communication and relay new changes in your company. We can include up to six people with lavaliere microphones (collar microphone) and record each one individually. Overall sound quality is greatly improved when only the person speaking is audible.

Training Video

Use a video to accelerate your staff’s learning curve. A training video can be accessed many times, saving you time and resources on team training.

Add dual-language subtitles and the video will serve even greater purpose. Clear voice over narration further improves the effectiveness of the video.

User Manual Video

Instruction can be more effective if demonstrated through video instead of print. With a video version manual, users can easily access it with their smartphone. 

In this instructional video every stage will be shown in careful detail. Subtitling may help to convey the message.