Photographer and videographer Tuomas Harjumaaskola with a video camera setup.

Videos and Photography in China

Corporate, Brand, MarCom.

• Complete corporate photo and video production services

• Based in China, serving Western and Chinese audiences worldwide

• Photos and videos, and related content for corporate presentations

• Capturing business functions, events, portraits, products, architecture, and more

• Naturally, we also provide planning, consulting, and post-production services

• Extensive expertise in marketing and corporate communications photography

• Focused on impactful visual storytelling and conveying client messages

• Expertise in capturing authentic narratives in business settings

• Our deliverables are used in corporate videos, publications, reports, brochures, and social media 

• Small and flexible team capable of scaling up for larger projects 

• Available for global projects to maintain consistent branding

• Trusted by prominent clients across diverse industries and countries

• Simple and straightforward collaboration 

• Scroll down for videos, or check out our corporate photography portfolio 

• Email us at: [email protected] (Expect a prompt response) 

Hire a corporate videographer or photographer in China or Asia

Planning to hire a China photographer? Need a China videographer? China Creative Director? Help in planning your shoot in China? You’re at the right place!   

We film and edit beautiful and meaningful corporate and business videos in China. Besides video, with long experience we shoot world-class corporate and brand photographs in China. Our typical clients are big corporations and agencies. 

By hiring us for your corporate photos and videos, you will be hiring a China filmmaker, videographer, photographer, producer and an editor all in one. Plus a creative director. So, a one-stop shop, if you will. 

After the Covid restrictions lifted, we again cover all of the world. Looking forward working on your global projects.  

“Do you shoot photos and videos for the Western market in China?” Yes, sure! China offers an amazing variety of backgrounds and locations for photo and video shoots. Summery, green nature all around the year, both furnished and empty studio spaces, megacities and beautiful nature. 

“Who are you?” We are a small, but very  experienced Finnish–Chinese team, professionals in photo and film production, and China business in general, bringing to the table the knowledge and understanding of both the Western and the Asian cultures. 

“Why you?” When just a few people know exactly what to do, things can be done in-house with flexibility and efficiency, and you’ll talk directly to the right people. But when required we gather a bigger team. 

Play Video

Our China video showreel of various mixed shoots. 

A Strong foundation in the B2B world of imagery

30 years in photography, 20 years in corporate world and 10 years shooting video guarantees you that your message always comes first. We understand that what we produce are tools needed in marketing or marketing communications to fill a very specific slot. 

We love everything business-related. And we love human approach, real people and real stories. Real you. Our work can be called enhanced reality, meaning those moments that actually take place in everyday working life, but we capture them on film.  

Play Video about Cover photo of a video on CHINAPRO.VIDEO website

A solo-produced company presentation of PRD GROUP’s offering to their Western clients in China. Produced by Tuomas Harjumaaskola. 

Services for hiring a photographer, videographer, or a creative director in China

Hire a corporate videographer in China

  • Capture compelling videos for your company’s strategy
  • Services include interviews, B-roll footage, drone shots, and editing
  • Fast and flexible production to effectively communicate your message 

Creative directing services

  • Effective storytelling through customized stories, scenarios, mood boards, and themes
  • Cultural guidance for Western clients in understanding Chinese culture
  • Navigate cultural sensitivities to deliver impactful visuals 
  • Read more: 

China photographer – Tuomas Harjumaaskola

  • Professional photographer based in China specializing in corporate photography
  • Capture the essence of your brand, industrial processes, trade events, and more
  • Deliver marketing message effectively through stunning visuals 
  • Check out our photography portfolio 
Play Video

Video production of making zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival in China.  Produced by Tuomas Harjumaaskola. 

More services

Chinese video localization services

  • Reach a wider audience through video localization
  • Subtitles, dubbing, or narration in multiple languages 
  • Enhance impact with localized content in various European languages

Discover more photography and business services in China 

  • Specialized services such as 360° photos and architecture photography
  • Tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements 

China’s major cities: Unleashing creativity 

  • Services available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and more
  • Understanding of each city’s creative landscape
  • Capture the essence of your brand for local audiences

Connecting China, Finland, and Europe 

  • Bridging cultures between China, Finland, and Europe
  • Delivering captivating visuals that transcend borders 
Play Video about Sample video of a Finnish company presentation in China, produced by Tuomas Harjumaaskola.

Company presentation video shot during a trade fair in Hangzhou. Produced by Tuomas Harjumaaskola. 

Duo Dynamic — Or many more in China 

We are a dynamic duo, capable of expanding our team as needed, operating seamlessly in China and across Asia. You will benefit from our expertise, experience, cultural knowledge and having all the required resources in one place. Moreover, you’ll have direct access to the people who really are going to make your project happen.

We can either conduct your China photo shoot independently, using our own equipment and expertise as a duo, or upon request, we can arrange for equipment rental and assemble a team of proficient professionals. Additional photographers, videographers, directors, producers, and other talents are available on your specific requirements. 

A photo of a video shoot in China.
In the midst of a video shoot with the team in China. A shoot done for a corporate client, matching the style and footage with their global project. RED EPIC-W 8K camera, DJI Inspire 2 drone.

Creative Minds

Tuomas Harjumaaskola

Tuomas Harjumaaskola 
Creative Director, Photographer and Filmmaker

Tuomas is professional in photography and video production with long China experience. He has primarily worked with corporations since 2000.

Tuomas not only excels in photography but also brings six years of experience as a creative director, providing valuable customer insights. His expertise includes video editing, producing, storytelling, scripting and writing, photo retouching, graphic design, web design, and networking. 

Miao Liu

Miao Liu 
Creative Organizer and Video Editor

Miao Liu is a photo and video professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design. She has prior experience in Animation Design and Production. Miao is skilled in organizing, communicating, and editing videos, with a solid understanding of technical and visual aspects as well as the cultural differences. She is proficient in various editing software, maintain a calm demeanor, actively listen, collaborate effectively, and uphold integrity. 

In essence, we’re a dynamic duo with an insider’s understanding of the differences in cultures, and a wide-reaching network, dedicated to providing top-notch corporate photography and video services across China and Asia. 

With a diverse range of skills and extensive industry knowledge, we are committed to truly understanding your specific needs and capturing the essence of your brand. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations, delivering exceptional results that reflect your vision. 

Your vision, our passion!

Email Tuomas 
English or Finnish 
[email protected]
Answers typically within 12 hours 

Contact Miao  
English or Chinese 
WeChat: miao-liu 
9am-9pm Beijing time 

We can of course start from scratch, but… no matter how small or big your project is, it’s helpful if you provide as much information as possible in your initial contact. This will save you time. Here are some points to consider. 

Project context and background
Define the objectives and goals
Details about the product or subject
Identify the shoot location
Define the desired style
Tell what worked in the past
Define the scope of the project
Relevant stakeholder information
Specify decision-makers involved
Define target audience
Communicate your key message
Define the turnaround time
Identify any challenges
Need for models, actors, or talents
Retouching or editing requirements
Special effects in post-production
Script, subtitles, or a narrator
Where the visuals will be displayed
Budget for the project
Approval process for reviewing

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