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Shenzhen Videographer & Filmmaker

Plus Photographer, covering Hong Kong and the rest of China.

Tuomas Harjumaaskola and Miao Liu are a Finnish – Chinese couple, based in Shenzhen, China, producing corporate-related videos from and for China. Tuomas has long experience as a corporate photographer, and a good five years as a videographer. Their Finnish clarity of style and professionalism combined with perfect knowledge of Chinese culture will produce remarkable projects.  

We are an efficiently small yet effective team in China or Asia. You will benefit from our expertise and having all the required knowledge in one place. You will know the people who really are going to make your project happen.  

Doing a video shoot at a trade fair in Shanghai, China.

Tuomas Harjumaaskola did a long career as a professional corporate photographer before becoming also a videographer/filmmaker.

Miao Liu has worked in several different positions on video productions, from editing to, like here, conducting interviews in English and Chinese.

We use DSLR cameras for filming, thus producing a beautiful footage with good control of depth of field (DOF), shallow depth of field, and cinematic look. We shoot in 4K or 100 FPS in FHD, as the project requires. Using our own equipment means that there’s no need to rent gear. We’ve got big and small LED panels, dollies, audio recording equipment that enables us to mike up to 6 people, several cameras for multi-camera productions, booms, sliders, gimbal and a whole lot of other equipment. Anything the a light production requires, planned so that we’re still able to travel with everything. 

Planning, scripting, shooting, editing and color grading is all done in-house, meaning your project is fast and you’ll be talking directly with the people who are responsible for your video. We have our own resources of Chinese language voice actors, as well as English language narrators.  

We typically shoot video and photos on location at the client’s office or factory. We can set up a studio onsite, or for bigger productions rent a big rental studios. 

Looking for a videographer and a photographer in Shenzhen or Hong Kong for your corporate gig? We provide you with both. In Hong Kong we have a dedicated event photography team. We also serve nearby Guangzhou and Macau, as well as the rest of China and the world.  

For your China videos and photos

We provide full service for your corporate video production, including

  • planning,
  • storytelling,
  • coordinating,
  • talent network,
  • our own gear/equipment,
  • film shooting,
  • photography, 
  • editing, 
  • transcription, 
  • subtitling and
  • voiceover (narration). 

All in fluent English, Chinese or Finnish. Beside the earlier mentioned ones, we can help you with your other China-related visual marketing questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

For larger production needs, we will use our vast global network of professionals, both freelancers and production companies.

Above all this, we are very client-focused and results-oriented. Your production is in good hands with us.  

YLE TV news story about Finnish businesses in China. Featuring Ville Majanen, owner of online store. Reporter: Björn Ådahl. Camera and edit: Tuomas Harjumaaskola. 

Series of interview videos showcasing Chinese designers’ work, this one filmed in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. The project also consisted of product and portrait photographs. 

This video, produced by Tuomas Harjumaaskola, was finished in record time to be used in a launch of client’s new product. 

Written and produced by Tuomas Harjumaaskola, this animation was made to communicate the client’s slightly complex product at trade fairs in Asia. 

Event video shot in Hong Kong. No matter photography or video, we always try to create a story  to it. 

A series of videos shot for Finpro, Wood from Finland growth program, to be used at trade fairs and meetings. Both English and Chinese language versions of the videos were made. 

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We value your trust in us for your next project. Our team can provide budget-friendly services unlike the bigger production crews.