Photographer photographing a model on a motorcycle in an art gallery China

Finnish Creative/Photographer

 in China

in China

Tuomas Harjumaaskola

Asian and European vision in one

Tuomas Harjumaaskola is a Finnish visual creative marketing communications all-rounder who’s most prominent role is in photography. Tuomas has a long international career and experience in corporate photography. He’s currently based in China, helping Western corporations with their image needs around the world.

The Finnish clarity of style and punctuality combined with the cultural flexibility acquired during years living in various countries around the world have formed a personality that you will find intuitively adapting and easy to work with. #brandphotography #commercialphotography #writing #photographer #china

Photographer, Filmmaker, Creative, and a bit of Graphic Designer and a Web Designer

Tuomas wears many hats: He will make your visual project happen in English, Chinese, Finnish, and a few other languages. When interested in everything, one learns everything. 

A photo of a video shoot in China.
Doing a corporate video shoot on location in China. RED camera, DJI drone.

Your vision, our passion!

Email Tuomas 
English or Finnish 
[email protected]
Answers typically within 12 hours 

Contact Miao  
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WeChat: miao-liu 
9am-9pm Beijing time 

We can of course start from scratch, but… no matter how small or big your project is, it’s helpful if you provide as much information as possible in your initial contact. This will save you time. Here are some points to consider. 

Project context and background
Define the objectives and goals
Details about the product or subject
Identify the shoot location
Define the desired style
Tell what worked in the past
Define the scope of the project
Relevant stakeholder information
Specify decision-makers involved
Define target audience
Communicate your key message
Define the turnaround time
Identify any challenges
Need for models, actors, or talents
Retouching or editing requirements
Special effects in post-production
Script, subtitles, or a narrator
Where the visuals will be displayed
Budget for the project
Approval process for reviewing

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