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Tuomas Harjumaaskola

Asian and European vision in one

Tuomas Harjumaaskola is a Finnish visual creative marketing communications all-rounder who’s most prominent role is in photography. Tuomas has a long international career and experience in corporate photography. He’s currently based in China, helping Western corporations with their image needs around the world.

The Finnish clarity of style and punctuality combined with the cultural flexibility acquired during years living in various countries around the world have formed a personality that you will find intuitively adapting and easy to work with. #brandphotography #commercialphotography #writing #photographer #china

Photographer, Filmmaker, Creative, and a bit of Graphic Designer and a Web Designer

Tuomas wears many hats: He will make your visual project happen in English, Chinese, Finnish, and a few other languages. When interested in everything, one learns everything. 

Let’s talk.

No matter the size or the type of the project, here are some things you might want to consider discussing in your message: Project context and background, objectives and the creative goal, expectations, call-to-action, challenges, scope, your key message to communicate, your brand voice, your values, your target audience, demographics, competition, your company or stakeholder or client information, responsible persons, client's decision-makers, planned meetings, brand guidelines, what worked in the past for you, examples, references, mood board, style, storyboard, turnaround time, equipment, technical specs, length/duration, quantity, script, subtitles, narrator, product, retouch, edit, effects, location, models or actors or talents or real people, deliverables/outputs, approval process, final product usage, distribution, venues, platforms, rights validity period, length of exposure, campaign budget, payment details.

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